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Are you looking for a reputable company in Charlotte for transmission repair on your vehicle? If so, look no further than Twin Transmission. For more than 30 years, we have been repairing and rebuilding transmissions on vehicles in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We also provide superior service for other vehicle-related issues.

By choosing Twin Transmission, you benefit in several ways:

  • Estimates at no charge
  • Free diagnostic service when we make the repair
  • Free towing service within the shop radius
  • 1 – 3 Year / Unlimited Mile Transmission Rebuild Warranties Available
  • …and much more!

As a member of the Better Business Bureau and the recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for four consecutive years, you can trust us with any transmission repair in Charlotte on your vehicle.

In addition to working on older transmissions, we specialize in modern transmissions, which are all electric. Some of the specific areas of expertise covered by our services at Twin Transmissions include:

Automatic Transmissions

  • Difficulty with shifting
  • Noise
  • Leaking fluid
  • Slipping
  • Check engine light
  • Vehicle not moving

Manual Transmissions

  • Shifting issues
  • Slips out of gear
  • Grinding
  • Clutch slipping
  • Noise when shifting

For both manual and automatic transmissions, a clutch is involved. When shifting your vehicle into gear, the clutch is designed to engage and disengage from the flywheel, followed by transferring torque from the transmission. Clutches are supposed to help your vehicle start and shift gears seamlessly. However, as with components of the transmission itself, a clutch will begin to deteriorate. If you notice the clutch slipping abnormally or making an odd noise, our experts at Twin Transmission can help.

We service vehicles that have front-wheel drive transmissions, as well. With a four-wheel drive vehicle, both the front and rear axles have differential gears, as well as a transfer case that attaches to the transmission. To ensure smooth operation, it is important that you have regular maintenance on the front and rear differentials, transfer case, and transmission fluids. Our highly trained mechanics have the needed skills and experience in this area, as well.

With vehicle transmissions, a repair is something to take seriously since it is connected to key components and must be in proper working condition for driving ability and safety. Included in the services that we provide are transmission rebuilds, repairs, filter replacements, and fluid draining and replacements. Our services will prevent damage from being done to your transmission. In the event damage has already occurred, we can make the necessary repairs or completely rebuild the transmission system.

To learn more about all of the different services that we offer or for a free, no-obligation estimate, please use this form to contact us. If preferred, you can call Twin Transmission at 704-821-3460. A professional and friendly company representative is standing by to help.



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