3 Reasons You Should Change Your Transmission Fluid

Changing your transmission fluid is an important part of maintaining your car to help keep it running smoothly and to help keep the transmission free of problems. Transmission fluid is used in both manual and automatic vehicles to help keep the dirt away so the car does not have an issue going through each gear. The fluid will help make the transmission shift in a clean and swift motion. A few easy ways to see if it is time to change your car’s transmission fluid is by listening to grinding gears, watch out for when the transmission starts slipping and see if you smell a burnt odor.

  1. Do You Hear That?

It is important to listen to what your car is trying to tell you, when you turn the key to start the engine, you should be listening to see if there is a funky noise coming from underneath the hood of your car. When you are driving, if you start to notice the gears rubbing up against each other making a gear grinding sound, the result can be too much dirt and that it is time to replace the transmission fluid. When checking the fluid leave the engine running and the color should be a red not a dark and dirty brown or black. Once you check the level of the fluid and it is where it should be, but the gears are still screeching at you, you should try changing the transmission fluid.

  1. Do You Feel That?

When the transmission starts to slip, the car will go from a stop to accelerating at a high RPM causing the car not to relax so to speak instead of when the car needs to just coast down the street. When shifting gears it is important to make sure you can feel the gears sticking to their rightful places and slipping out of gear. The gears need to have enough transmission fluid as well as clean transmission fluid to give the car enough power to make it accelerate and stop in a timely manner. If the fluid is too contaminated it is time flush out the transmission.

  1. Do You Smell That?

If you start smelling a burnt scent coming from your car, one place you should check is the transmission fluid. If the level of fluid is too low the transmission itself can become overheated and will not begin the cool down process properly, which causes the burnt smell to occur. If the fluid is healthy, full and not contaminated with dirt, the smell should be sweet, not burnt. If you notice a burnt smell, it is best to take the car in to make sure you have not caused further damage to the transmission.

Keeping your transmission fluid in check is important to keep the car running for as long as it should last. Flushing out the old fluid is important to do every so often. Talking to your local mechanic can help give you more tips of when it is time to change your car’s transmission fluid as well as more warning signs.

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