How Often Is It Necessary to Flush Transmission Fluid?

Your car repair shop says you need to have the transmission fluid in your car flushed. You want to know if that is really necessary. This is not an oil change. You do not need to do it every three months. However, understanding when you need it and when to get it can make a big difference in the overall care of your car over time. In short, flushing the transmission offers many benefits to your car and while it may not be something you have to worry about doing all of the time, it is something you should do on a regular basis. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Flush it according to your manufacturer’s recommendations
If you pull out your owner’s manual for your car, you will likely see information about the transmission including how often you should have it flushed. Like tune-ups, transmission flushing is considered a very important step in maintaining your vehicle long term. As a result, you will need to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer on the frequency of flushing. In most vehicles, this will be done one time every 100,000 miles. After your car reaches the 100,000 mile mark, though, it can be wise to do it more often since this can help ensure the car continues to operate at its best.

If you fail to do so, though, realize there could be problems
Many people put off flushing the transmission for various reasons. However, doing so can result in various complications. Consider these reasons to flush the transmission:
It ensures you do not void a warranty that may be associated with your car’s manufacturer. You may need to do this to ensure the warranty remains intact.

You’ll improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage when you do so. This means you will save money overall from having the transmission flushed. That’s always a good reason to have the work done.
Flushing it extends the life of the car. This means your car can keep running well for many years to come.

It can help you to avoid costly repairs down the road. Because flushing is necessary to ensure that your car keeps running, you will find it can help you to avoid repairs, replacements, or transmission rebuilding.

Keep in mind that you should also have your transmission flushed whenever your mechanic recommends it. This may be much more frequently than what the manufacturer requests. However, the way you drive, the places you drive, as well as the overall condition and other factors of the car can impact the frequency of your need for this service.
Ultimately, there are many reasons to have your vehicles transmission flushed and few reasons not to do so. It does not have to take much time, it does not cost much, and it can help to save you money over the life of your car with improved fuel efficiency. Check out for more help.

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