How to Care for Your Manual Transmission

If you are riding around and enjoying the freedom of the road in your stick shift vehicle, then your car is most likely equipped with a manual transmission. The number of vehicles with manual transmissions has greatly decreased over the years as newer models started having automatic transmissions; because of this, it can be a costly project to repair or replace the transmission when anything goes wrong. If you are a driver who has decided to go manual then it is in your best interest to take great care of your manual transmission by taking necessary precautions to ensure its lifespan. Instead of having to pay for outrageous repairs, take the avoidance method and prevent issues from even happening; here are some ways to care for your manual transmission.

Do Not Downshift To Brake

Young individuals often purchase stick shift vehicles, aka manual transmission cars solely because they think they are cool. While they may be cool, it is not cool to stress the good condition of your transmission for the sake of coolness. That is what happens when you downshift in order to brake. You will feel your car slow and your engine roar but doing this over and over can cause some serious wear on your manual transmission and your brake pads.

No “Riding the Clutch”

A large part of having a stick shift vehicle is shifting gears so that you can function on the road; however, if your shifting is not done correctly you can cause unnecessary harm to your manual transmission. When you ride the clutch, you apply continuous pressure or rest your foot on the clutch pedal. It is important to let go of the clutch when you shift or you risk wearing out your clutch and manual transmission ahead of time.

Never Shift in Reverse

As a driver of a manual transmission, the last thing that you want to do to your vehicle is shift in reverse. Do you hear that painful grinding sound? Yea, that is your manual transmission begging for help as it tries to work with your crazy driving. Drivers should never be crazy or lazy when driving a stick shift because aside from damaging your car, you can potentially damage yourselves.

Always Check Your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid can be the life, and the death of your vehicle if you are not a wary driver who keeps a watchful eye on their fluid level and condition. Old or low oil can encourage a burning rubber smell that means that your car may just be overheating from poor care. The changing of fluid may be easy on an automatic but if you have a manual transmission, you are going to have to enlist the help of a professional.

These few ways above are only some of the many ways that you can keep your manual transmission vehicle on the streets and out of the shop. If you are not a careful driver you may need to have some more lessons on how to drive a stick shift with the care of your transmission in mind. It does no good to wear down your vehicle prematurely just because you are uninformed. If you find that the condition of your transmission is deteriorating, take a ride over to Transmission Shop Charlotte for some quality service on your vehicle.

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