How to Find a Good Used Transmission for Your Vehicle

Are you a driver who has recently discovered the need for a new transmission? The good news is it does not need to be completely new. It is well known that used transmissions are effective in transmission replacement and can work just as effectively as a rebuilt or brand new transmission (minus a few years on the lifespan of some parts). If you make sure that the used transmission you purchase is in good shape, then your vehicle should run smoothly for the next few years because of it; however, you do not want to buy a below par transmission just because it is cheap. Going the cheap route is an easy way to ensure that you have more problems and less money than before. If you are having trouble finding a used transmission, here are some ways to be sure you come across a good one.

Browse Your Area

While it may seem like an old school move, one of the best ways to find a good quality used transmission is to browse through the pages of a phone book for a local seller. All the shops will be conveniently located in a location where all you have to do is go down the line and start calling shops that carry the type of transmission that you need. Call around and explore your options; you do not want to make a commitment to the first company that you come across, it may not be the one you need. Do some research; you’ll want to be sure that the company you choose to buy from is the real deal.

Check the Mileage

Do not get too excited, there is such a thing as something being too good to be true. Some customers have the misfortune of taking the plunge too early and committing to a transmission without checking out the condition first. When looking for a used transmission, it is important to remember that the lower the mileage is on the transmission, the more years it has to go before it needs to be replaced. Even if you happen to find a transmission at an extremely low price, it will do you no good if you have to replace it in a short amount of time. If you want the mileage, ask for the VIN on the car the transmission originated from and then get a verification report.

Order Online

In the online browsing age of this century it is well known that you can basically find anything on the net, and used transmissions are no exception; when browsing online you want to be sure that the site and the item holders are credible and reliable first. Just like you may find it easier to shop for your specific clothing or furniture needs online, you may find that the same applies to transmissions. A large catalog exists for used transmissions all over the internet. You are not restricted by location as you can ship to virtually anywhere now. However, if you are in a time crunch you may want to consider a speedy delivery or, if that is not possible, another local pit stop.

If you are having a hard time finding the right transmission for you, try out any of the above methods. Taking the time to browse through your options is the best thing to do before picking the transmission you are going to install. Once you do choose your perfect transmission, make sure you hire a mechanic like Transmission Shop Charlotte to ensure quality service.

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