How to Maintain Your Car Transmission

The automatic transmission certainly is one of the best examples of how far we have come with regard to vehicle transmissions. Driving a car with auto transmission is very different from driving a car with manual transmission. But there are a few common things which you can do irrespective of whether you have a manual or automatic transmission in order to make sure it is running efficiently. Given below are a few things which you need to keep in mind at all times. If you hear any funny noises or if gears aren’t shifting properly then you need to take your car to a transmission repair expert right away:

Fluid level

Even though the type of transmission will vary from one car to the next, you should easily be able to check the fluid level. It involves nothing more than checking the dipstick which is just like the one you have for your engine.

Transmission flush

Your transmission will certainly benefit from regular service. But flushing the transmission all the time isn’t going to do a lot of good and may even cause harm. Flushing simply involves removing cooler lines while the engine is still running. The fluid runs out and fresh fluid is added. After a while, the lines are reinstalled. But none of the internal components are inspected and the parts such as the filter aren’t even checked.


Transmission failure can be caused by slippage on many occasions. This is usually caused due to low pressure due to something like a restricted filter. In such situations, you will have to replace the filter. Flushing here may stir debris which further restricts it. Transmission fluid rarely causes a problem, unless you use improper fluid of course.

Frequency of service

Servicing your vehicle regularly doesn’t mean you are servicing your transmission as well. You need to specifically ask for your transmission to get serviced. How often you do this will depend on the car you drive and how much you drive it. Auto transmissions in vehicles which accelerate and decelerate often will obviously need more attention. Under regular use, it is recommended that you get your transmission serviced every 25,000 miles or 15 months. If you do not take care of it properly, your transmission isn’t going to last too long. The color of the transmission fluid can also be used to determine when a service is required. If it is black, it means a problem has occurred and you should take it in right away. If it is burnt that means, it’s too late and something is wrong with the transmission which you will need to get repaired.

How do you extend the life of your transmission?

The most important thing you can do for prolonging the life of your transmission is to change your driving habits. Avoid fast acceleration. Don’t shift out of D each time you are at a traffic light. These things may not seem like much but they make a huge difference.

Get your transmission serviced regularly by a trained professional and keep your eyes and ears open for any problems while you drive so that you can get them fixed right away. This will certainly help prolong the life of your car.

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