Reasons to Choose a Transmission Rebuild Over a Whole New Transmission

Replacing your transmission can be a major job on a car, costing almost as much as a replacing the engine. It just does not make sense to replace the whole transmission if the one you have can be salvaged. A great mechanic can take the parts that are still in good shape from your old transmission and replace the old and broken parts with brand new ones. Just doing a transmission rebuild rather than putting a brand new one in will save a lot of time as well. A brand new transmission is just too much of a headache to deal with.

The Cost Difference

If there is a problem with the transmission on your car it is important to get the problem fixed, but you do not want to pay an arm and leg for it. Just rebuilding the transmission with your current one will save you money. A brand new transmission is an expensive part on the car, if you are on a tight budget right now, this can be a great way to say some money if you trust your mechanic doing a transmission rebuild for you.

Replacing The Parts

Doing a transmission rebuild means that the mechanic will just take apart your existing transmission and replace the bad and broken pieces with functioning ones. It is important to replace the parts in a timely manner so that it does not cause further damage to parts that are still in great contact. Rebuilding a transmission is better than buying a whole new transmission because you want to keep the original parts on the car. It is not good to have one giant puzzle with parts coming from all over the place, you would not want to put a piece in the car that does not agree with another piece that came from somewhere else.

It Will Be A Time Saver

Buying a brand new transmission will leave you without a car for quite some time while just replacing some parts of the transmission will take about half of the time. If you were to buy a whole new transmission you would have to wait for it all to arrive from where ever it was coming from and then the mechanic would have to put it all together and then finally put it in to the car. Compared to just doing a transmission rebuild, you only need to have a few pieces, which is a lot easier for a mechanic.

Doing a transmission rebuild is a lot simpler than ordering a new transmission, having it shipped to the mechanics shop, leaving your car in the shop for about a week and then having to place a brand new part into an older car. You still need to get to work to pay for everything, so you cannot be with out a car for too long. Buying a new transmission is just not necessary or worth the wait when you can still use most of the parts from your current transmission. Just think about all the time and money you are saving by fixing what you already have.

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