Signals that Your Transmission Fluid is Low

Transmission fluid is what keeps your transmission running properly. The fluid is in control of not only lubricating the transmission but, cooling and powering it as well. Some of the most common transmission issues are due to people not checking transmission fluid often enough. If the fluid is low it will cause severe damage to your transmission.

Burnt smell

If your transmission fluid is low, you may start smelling a burnt sickening smell. This is caused from what little fluid is left in your transmission becoming overheated because it is trying to do all the work a transmission full of fluid should be doing. When a transmission is low on fluid it can not cool properly, causing the fluid left to become burnt. When you are checking your fluid, healthy fluid should be pinkish red in color and sweet smelling. You should be able to tell instantly if your fluid is burnt as it will be dark and smell horrible. If this is the case, you should take your car to a transmission repair as soon as possible to prevent even more damage to your transmission or vehicle.

Lack of power

Another sign that you may have low transmission fluid is losing fluid is when you start to feel a loss of power. Since your transmission relies on the fluid to help provide power to the vehicle, if your fluid is low your power will be as well. You may find this sign happening the most when trying to climb large hills often when your transmission needs to shift into a different gear to help pull your vehicle up the hill. Another common time you will see a loss of transmission power is when you are towing a trailer. When you are towing a trailer or heavy load, you are putting your transmission to work even harder. Therefore, if you have low transmission fluid your transmission will not be able to pull the load correctly. If you find you are having either of these issues, check your fluid as soon as you possibly can.

Slipping when shifting

One of the most common issues that arise with low transmission fluid is slipping. You will notice slipping the most when you are taking off from a stop and your vehicle revs to a high RPM before the transmission finally engages and takes off. However, a slipping transmission can happen during any time the transmission is in gear. This is a severely hazardous issue if your transmission slips when you are trying to get out of a way of an accident you could be severely injured. Therefore take your transmission issue before you cause further damage to your vehicle.on to a repair specialist immediately.

When checking your transmission fluid make you your vehicle has been running a while and the fluid is warm. You vehicle also needs to be on level ground to ensure the correct reading. Your fluid should be reddish in color and not smell burnt. If you notice a burnt smell, metal, shavings, or anything else you don’t feel is right, take it to a transmission repair specialist to diagnose

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