Three Ways to Keep Your Transmission Happy

Owning a vehicle can be a lot of work because of all of the different parts that go into making the vehicle what it is. One of the pieces that makes a vehicle workable is the transmission. In order to keep your transmission up and running, you have to take care of it. Here are three ways you can keep your transmission happy for years to come.

  1. Re-fill the Transmission Fluid Often

You can’t just let the transmission fluid run out and then expect the car to run okay. Not having transmission fluid in your vehicle will cause the transmission to gears to run with great friction between them, causing the car to overheat. This will also severely damage your transmission if it goes on for a prolonged period of time. Make sure that you are using enough fluid and that you re-fill the tank once it’s close to empty.

If you don’t re-fill the fluid in a timely manner every time the fluid is low, then when it comes time to repair your transmission, you might actually have to rebuild it. Rebuilds cost more money but because your gears will probably be fully warn out, you will have to get them all replaced. Your transmission line will also probably be faulty and that, too, will need to be replaced.

A transmission rebuild is much more costly than a transmission repair because it uses many new parts to get the transmission working again. Although it is cheaper than a replacement, you want to avoid having to pay more for the fix at all costs. Therefore, fill the transmission fluid whenever you see it starting to get low.

  1. Brake before Changing Gears

Many people don’t like to hit their brakes before they change gears. If you are trying to go from drive to reverse and you don’t hit the break before switching gears, then there is no clutch on the gear shift. There is nothing to stop the gears from slipping when you switch them. Always press down on the break when you’re switching gears, especially when you just turn on the car and you’re going from park to reverse or park to drive.

  1. Use Overdrive

If you have overdrive in your vehicle, then use it. Overdrive is more fuel efficient and it puts less pressure on your transmission. Overdrive switches your gears when you go over a certain amount of miles per hour. Ask your car manufacturer if your car is eligible for overdrive or if it already has it. You’ll want to use overdrive as often as possible to keep your transmission living a long, happy life.

Having transmission problems is not fun, so take care of your vehicle’s transmission. Fill the transmission fluid often, brake before shifting gears and use the overdrive function on your car. If your transmission is giving out, then bring it in to a professional and get it looked at. Know the difference between a transmission repair and a transmission rebuild before asking for a quote on your vehicle’s maintenance.

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