Transmission Rebuild

Preventing Common Transmission Problems for Vehicles

For some reason, one aspect of a vehicle that is not talked about often enough is the transmission, yet it plays a vital role in operation. Because of a lack of discussion, many people experience a failing vehicle at a time when transportation is most critical. By learning ways to prevent common transmission problems, you will not face this dilemma.

Remember, prevention is always the best approach. In addition to not dealing with a broken-down vehicle, prevention will ultimately save you a significant amount of money on repairs.

One option involves checking the driveway on a regular basis, looking for any fluid leak. In many cases, a transmission leak is the first sign of trouble. By looking at your driveway frequently, you have the opportunity to quickly identify a potential problem.

It is also important that you have the transmission fluid changed on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer. By doing so, the fluid will continue working as it should. This also prevents the fluid from causing problems with the gears. Unless changed often, you could experience a problem with the fluid burning. In addition, this fluid ages, meaning that at some point, it will no longer provide adequate protection.

Keep in mind that even with the recommended manufacturer’s schedule for having the transmission fluid changed in your vehicle, it should actually be changed more often. The reason is that when transmission fluid is changed, only 65% is replaced.

You should also avoid shifting your vehicle into park or reverse when it is still in motion. If you were to shift with the vehicle moving, there is a risk of damage to the transmission. Usually, a problem is noticed when the vehicle comes to a lurching stop. This will also cause the gears to grind, which can easily ruin the vehicle.

Something else to avoid is forcing the gears to shift. Often, when people get impatient, they fail to keep one foot on the brake when shifting from park to drive or reverse. Applying pressure to the brake when shifting gears accomplishes two things. First, shifting is actually easier. Second, the individual does not force shifting.

Whether needing major transmission repair in Charlotte or just a quick oil change, it is always recommended to have the work performed by a professional. At Twin Transmission, you have confidence that the quality of work is stellar.

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