Transmission Repair

Experiencing Problems with a Rebuilt Transmission

When a transmission is rebuilt, some issues can arise. Although the type and severity of the problem will be much the same regardless, there can be unique differences on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis.

For people who have had a transmission rebuilt, the following are some of the more common problems. This information can help you identify a potential problem. It can also help you catch an existing problem before it worsens.

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid – Of the different problems associated with a repaired transmission, this is by far the most common. There are a number of reasons that transmission fluid will leak. One in particular has to do with deteriorating valves. If the issue is addressed quickly by a qualified mechanic, it will stop all fluid from draining as you drive.
  • Slipping Transmission – Another common problem seen with rebuilt transmissions is that the gears slip. Obviously, this can make driving from one location to another nearly impossible. However, with professional Charlotte transmission repair from Twin Transmission, this issue can be addressed and corrected.
  • Jerking/Stuttering – Also seen with rebuilt transmissions is a problem in which the vehicle jerks or stutters. Although some people continue driving, this can be quite serious. This occurs because the vehicle is not getting adequate power to the wheels. Because of that, the vehicle cannot take off correctly. Even worse, people have actually been in car accidents because this problem exists. Obviously, this is not something that you want to overlook.
  • Wheels Not Turning – If your vehicle will not move because the wheels are not turning, this is a real concern. Not only does this make parking impossible, it also makes driving extremely difficult, even dangerous. If your vehicle is experiencing this problem, bring it to the experts at Twin Transmission for a free diagnostic and estimate.

The truth is, vehicles can have a variety of problems in relation to the transmission. As a vehicle owner, it is in your best interest to learn about potential transmission problems, even if the transmission is rebuilt. That way, you know what to look for and when to see the professionals at Twin Transmission.

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