Ways to Make Sure the Transmission in the Used Car You’re Buying Will Last a While

In this article, we are going to take a look at the most important thing which you should double check while buying a used vehicle. We’re talking about the transmission. Checking it yourself is nowhere near are good as getting it checked by a transmission repair specialist before purchase. The final step before you makes a purchase should always be to get the car checked by a professional of your choosing.


Even though the transmission in cars today are far more reliable than they used to be, they are still the first part of a vehicle which will get spoilt and the most expensive part to fix. If it is abused heavily, you can easily destroy it within less than an hour. Something as simple as trying to free your car from the snow may result in the transmission burning out. Once this happens, you will need to continuously get the transmission fixed and there is no permanent solution except getting it changed completely. Transmissions are quite sensitive to the fluids which are used as well. Not using the right quality of fluid can damage it with ease. Even if you make a simple mistake and use manual transmission oil for an automatic transmission, you will kill the transmission in no time. Now when you buy a used car, this is obviously the part which you should check the most carefully. Whether you get anything else checked by an expert or not, the transmission should certainly be tested by one of them.


The first thing you need to check is the vehicles records. This will help you save a lot of time If the history reports show the car was being used as a rental or was involved in an accident, don’t even consider it. You could also ask the salesperson or owner if the transmission has had any work done on it. If it has already been rebuilt or if it has been repaired on numerous occasions, it is best that you do not buy the car. Yes, a rebuilt transmission is as good as new, but you have no idea where it has been rebuilt and by what level of technician. It would be much better for you if you didn’t take any chances.

Checking the transmission

First of all, check the condition and fluid level. Remove the dipstick and wipe it with a clean cloth and then insert it back in and pull it out again. Look at the level of fluid closely. A low level might indicate a leak. You can check the condition of the fluid by dropping it on a white paper too. It needs to be transparent and clean without any flakes or metal fillings. It shouldn’t give off a burnt smell either.

Test drive

Be on the alert while you are taking the car for a test drive. A delayed engagement of the transmission is one of the first indications of a problem with the transmission. It is easier to notice any delays when shifting from P to D.


And lastly, check to see the overdrive is working properly. When you are at a speed of around 60 mph, turn it on, you should feel the car upshift. Turning it off should have the opposite effect. Slipping is another problem to check for here.

Remember, you need to take the car to a specialist as well before buying it. So whether you perform the above checks or not, make sure you take the car to a specialist.

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