What The Color Of Your Transmission Fluid Is Telling You

The color of your transmission fluid can really say a lot about the condition of your transmission. As the color of the fluid changes, a whole bunch of different problems may arise. Make sure you are checking your transmission fluid regularly because depending on the color, your system might need some maintenance.

A light yet blood colored red

If your transmission is a dark shade of red but it isn’t super dark, then your transmission fluid is okay. You would be able to see any problems through this transmission, but chances are that if your transmission fluid is this shade of red, then you won’t have any problems. Any issues that you might have will be unrelated to the transmission fluid.

A darker shade of red that is a bit darker that blood

As your transmission fluid ages, it will change color. With this shade of red, there still shouldn’t be any problems. Your transmission fluid is fine if it is this color, although you should start thinking about changing it within the next few years. It all depends on how much you travel over time, though.

A dark, mud colored brown

This means that your transmission fluid is getting pretty dirty. At this point, it should not really cause any problems still. Bring your car in to flush the fluid system and change the filter. You might need a few maintenance check-ups in order to get the fluid clean again. Watch out for this color because it could become burned a lot more easily than the other colors.

A dark black shade

A dark black shade to your transmission fluid means that it is burnt. It will be accompanied by a burning smell that you will know is your transmission right away if you happen to know enough about cars. At this point, you may need to do more than just change your transmission fluid in order to get rid of any problems. Ask your mechanic about what other problems your car might have before you pay for any service to be done on it.
A watery, light red almost pink color

If your transmission is translucent and almost pink, then that means that the system has too much water inside of it. This could cause the transmission to stop working properly, so bring it in for maintenance as soon as possible. The bonds within the transmission fluid will break up if the fluid is too watery, so keep this in mind.

So long as you check your transmission fluid fairly often, then you shouldn’t have too hard of a time with your transmission. Your transmission fluid should be changed well before you hit 100,000 miles. If your transmission fluid is looking dirty, then get it replaced as soon as possible so that you will not have to worry about changing it later on. All in all, if you take care of your transmission, change the transmission fluid and treat your transmission well, then it will take care of you.

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