What Types of Driving Styles Warrant More Frequent Transmission Maintenance?

Believe it or not, some driving styles mean your car may require more maintenance than others. Which is something especially important to keep in mind when it comes to your transmission. By practicing proper transmission maintenance, depending on your style of driving, you are helping to ensure that your transmission remains in good, working order. This will also ensure that you do not need costly repairs that could come from not properly maintaining your car’s transmission. Here are two of the driving styles that may require you to get transmission maintenance more often.

1. Frequent Stop-and-Go Driving or City Driving

When you live somewhere busy, such a city or the outskirts, you may find yourself constantly in traffic. Which means you find yourself constantly stopping and going while you drive. This can put a lot of strain on the transmission and makes it hard for it to keep up with the constant changing. While it is meant to help your car come to a complete stop without turning the car off, it should not be doing it so often in such short bursts. Therefore, if you live in a city-like area, you may have to take your car in for transmission maintenance much more often.

2. When You Carry Heavy Loads in Your Car

These heavy loads can be in any form, including trailer hauling, and are commonly found in construction worker’s vehicles, tow trucks, or vehicles with similar jobs. These types of weights put a lot of strain on the car. It also makes the transmission have to work harder in order to start moving again after having stopped. The heavier the load, the harder it will have to work. Cars put under this sort of strain tend to be faced with a faster deterioration of their transmission, making more frequent maintenance vital for proper vehicle functioning.

3. Other Transmission Problems These Strains Could Cause

Aside from the physical strain that is put on the vehicle when it is in either of these situations, there is a lot of extra strain placed on the transmission itself. The harder your car has to work, the hotter your transmission will get. Which, in turn, will further affect the transmission fluid that is supposed to help cool everything down and lubricate all the moving parts in the transmission. This can age fluids more rapidly, making it necessary to either flush or change them more frequently so that the transmission continues to work smoothly.

When you drive in either of these styles on a regular basis, it is important that you seek more regular maintenance if you want your vehicle to continue working properly for years to come. Normally, mechanics may suggest transmission maintenance for every 50,000 miles. However, when you put more strain on the vehicle, you should ask them how often you should be coming in. This can vary depending on the situation, year, type, and model of the car. It may cost a little more in the long run, but you will have the piece of mind to know your car is safe and well-maintained.

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