When To Call In the Pros for Transmission Repair

If your car isn’t functioning the way it should, it is always a good idea to have a licensed professional take a look at it to determine what could be wrong. Many factors can impact the car’s lifespan especially when the vehicle is not taken care of over a period of time. If you suspect the transmission is at risk, it is best to turn to the professionals for repairs as soon as possible. In fact, if you know it is the transmission, it is best to get to a transmission repair shop as a first step rather than going to a traditional auto mechanic.

Watch for These Signs

Often times, transmission repairs go unnoticed and untaken care of because people don’t realize there is a need for a trusted professional. However, you should watch for some specific signs that indicate you should go to a transmission repair shop for service.

  • If the car starts, but does not move, this is generally an instance in which turning to a transmission shop is necessary. The transmission communicates from the steering wheel and pedals to the engine and tires. Non-movement often means a transmission service is needed.
  • Listen to your car. Do you hear sounds of grinding, pinging or whistling? These are all instances, again, in which the transmission is not working the way it should be. These sounds may be low and hard to hear at first, but they will worsen over time.
  • Are you finding shifting gears are to do? This is also an indication that you may need help with the transmission. Shifting gears, from reverse to drive or any other gear should be easy. If you hear a loud clunk or feel a jolt while doing so, this is another indication of an area of concern that you need to pay attention to.
  • Do you find anything on the surface of your driveway under your car? Red fluid is common in automatic transmission and green for manual vehicles. Any fluid present should be addressed by a professional.
  • Check out your fuel economy and overall vehicle performance too. Do you find that your car is not getting up to speed as fast as it used to? Perhaps you are experiencing a vehicle that is getting very poor gas mileage. If these are not common for your car, you may need the transmission repaired.

The good news is that not all repair needs are significant or expensive. For example, you may find that repairs may include flushing the transmission fluid, which is done every so many miles based on your manufacturer’s suggestions. Repairs, rebuilding, and replacement are additional types for repairs your car may need over time. The sooner you bring the vehicle in for repairs, the less likely you are to need ongoing repairs or those that are very expensive. Luckily, you can get the help you need at Transmission-Repair-Charlotte.com for any type of transmission repair.

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